Flash storage and solid-state drives (SSDs)

Find the latest information on flash storage and solid-state drive (SSD) technology options and learn strategies for successfully implementing flash and SSDs.

News : Flash storage and solid-state drives (SSDs)

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In Depth : Flash storage and solid-state drives (SSDs)

  • A peek into the future of storage

    Flash-based storage is here to stay and will continue to be enhanced, even as helium and DNA are being primed for use in the distant future Continue Reading

  • NVMe speeds explained

    The non-volatile memory express protocol is tailor-made to make SSDs fast. Get up to speed on NVMe performance and how it compares to the SATA and SAS interfaces. Continue Reading

  • SAS vs. NVMe: The future of the two key storage interfaces

    SAS and NVMe both play significant roles in enterprise storage. See how the two interfaces stack up in terms of performance, scalability, flexibility, manageability and the future. Continue Reading

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Blog Posts : Flash storage and solid-state drives (SSDs)

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Opinion : Flash storage and solid-state drives (SSDs)

  • HDD vs. SSD storage in the age of flash

    HDDs continue to play a key role in the data center, even as SSD capacities increase and prices fall. See how HDDs and SSDs stack up in terms of price, capacity and use cases. Continue Reading

  • Are PMEM and storage class memory worth the price?

    Look beyond price/performance to find out if SCM and persistent memory modules are right for your business. Faster response time and earlier time to market are important, too. Continue Reading

  • Storage: How ‘tail latency’ impacts customer-facing applications

    Henry He of Virtual Instruments looks at tail latency, the small percentage of storage I/O that could be causing big and costly problems for business applications Continue Reading

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